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Skid steer loaders may be rented from Macs Digger Hire Hampshire for use by locals and businesses in Netley and the surrounding areas. For tasks that necessitate better accessibility, our skid steers and mini excavators are developed specifically. The skid steer digger would be ideal for tasks like gardening and construction where access is sometimes a challenge. Large projects can be completed quickly and affordably with skid steer diggers.

The skid steer loader is simple to handle and move about because of its small size. Due to its ability to fit through holes as small as 700 millimetres, skid steer excavators are perfect for any client who has access problems. We provide skid steer loaders from JCB, Bobcat, Caterpillar, Kubota, and more manufacturers.

Discounts for Long-Term Digger Rental in Netley

If you rent one of our diggers for a week or more, you get significant savings off the daily rate. In the business, Macs Digger Hire Hampshire is renowned for providing some of the most competitive quotes for high-end digger rentals.

Free Skid Steer Loader Hire If Not Delivered Within One Hour Allocated Delivery Slot

We are aware that a construction site must function efficiently in order to generate revenue; time is an important consideration when clients pay a fee for the service. If we do not arrive at the scheduled drop-off time, the digger is free for the day. Our staff allots one hour for the delivery of your digger.

Modern Diggers With Back Up

We are aware that a construction site must function efficiently in order to generate revenue; time is an important consideration when clients pay a fee for the service. If we do not arrive at the scheduled drop-off time, the digger is free for the day. Our staff allots one hour for the delivery of your digger.

Why Pick Netley's Low-Cost Skid Steer Loaders?

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Skid steer loaders are a small, powerful piece of machinery that offers adaptability due to their extreme strength and small size. Some applications for this equipment include footings, drainage, landscaping, digging out water and electric mains, driveways, patios, shuttering, soakaways, land drains, ponds, swimming pools, and tree root removal. Skid steer loaders are capable of doing a lot of different things.

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We Are Reliable And On Time For Our Skid Steer Loader Hire In Netley

Due to our earlier expertise in the building sector, we are aware of how crucial timing is. To help you make the most of your working day, Macs Digger Hire Hampshire is committed to making sure you receive your skid steer loader on time. The client will not be billed for the day if the skid steer loader is not delivered on time to the Netley site. If we are more than an hour late, the customer will receive a free rental day.

Netley Cheap Skid Steer Loaders For Long-Term Use

Please get in touch with our customer care to find out if there are any discounts available if you're interested in renting a skid steer loader in Netley for an extended period of time. We pledge to put in the utmost effort to secure the lowest affordable costs because we cherish our Netley consumers.

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Digger Types Offered Throughout Netley

There are several different types of diggers available from Macs Digger Hire Hampshire. There are skid steers, mini and micro diggers available.


Bobcat invented the first skid steer loader, and over the past 60 years, the company has developed a reputation for dependability, performance, and quality. Every model of Bobcat skid-steer becomes a potent tool on the job site when outfitted with Bobcat accessories. As soon as you enter the cab, you'll realise how much improved this machine is. By pushing the limits in every way, this tool will enhance production where it counts.

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What Skid Steer Loader Brands Do We Rent Out in Netley?

The skid steer loader models we have in stock date from 2021 or after. We provide loaders from a variety of manufacturers, including JCB, Bobcat, Caterpillar, Hitachi, and Kubota. To make sure we don't let anyone down, we only partner with the leading companies in the sector, whose skid steer loaders are great in quality and are complemented by fantastic service for Surrey clients. We don't want mismanaged equipment to prevent our clients from completing their jobs.

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What To Do If A Skid Steer Loader Breaks Down On Site In Netley

The fantastic characteristic of Macs Digger Hire Hampshire is that we take great delight in the help we provide to our Netley clients. Despite the fact that our skid steer loaders come with warranties, they could occasionally develop issues. If this occurs, we act as soon as we can to either fix or replace the equipment. If an on-site repair is not feasible, our manufacturer back-up will attempt to reach the region as soon as possible. If it cannot be done, we will start looking for an other skid steer loader for you.

Popular Netley Rentals

1.3T Skid Steer Loader - Bobcat 463

1.3T Skid Steer Loader - Bobcat 463

Moving the small Bobcat 463 is simple. Nevertheless, it also has the dependability, flexibility, productivity, labor-saving features, operator-friendliness, and a cab with many of the conveniences of a much larger machine! But the versatility of the 463 is its greatest asset. With more than 20 durable Bobcat attachments to choose from, you and your 463 can competently and comfortably undertake practically any project.

2.15T Skid Steer Loader - Bobcat S130

2.15T Skid Steer Loader - Bobcat S130

Strong, compact, and manoeuvrable The S130 works admirably for its size with a 60 in. width (with a 54 in. option), and the 6-foot turning radius allows you to do large work in restricted spaces. It is ideal for a wide range of uses, such as building, landscaping, excavation, fertiliser plants, foundries, and many more. Fast, secure attachment changes are made possible by the adjustable Bob-tachTM attachment mounting system, and getting in and out of the roomy, quiet cab is straightforward.

2.3T Skid Steer Loader - Bobcat S160

2.3T Skid Steer Loader - Bobcat S160

New product features enhance the S160 skid-steer loader's performance. The tool includes a turbocharged 56-hp Kubota engine with a lifting capacity of 1,600 pounds. To increase the auxiliary hydraulic capacity to 27 gpm, it offers a high-flow option. The S160 features a long wheelbase and a radius lift path. The S150 model of this equipment can support a maximum operational weight of 1,500 pounds.

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The village of Netley, near the city s outskirts, is home to Netley Abbey, a ruined 13th-century monastery and church. In the Royal Victoria Country Park, with rolling lawns and woods set beside Southampton Water estuary, a chapel is all that remains of a huge military hospital. Victoria Road has quaint cottages and estuary views, and walking paths run along the shore and through nearby countryside.

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