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Mini digger rentals are Macs Digger Hire Hampshire's specialty in Marchwood and the surrounding areas. We offer small excavators and compact diggers for modest operations that need restricted access. Renting one of our mini diggers is a very economical and useful option for clients in the residential and commercial sectors.

In such constrained areas, the small, manoeuvrable mini digger can be very helpful. Our Mini Diggers are perfect for Marchwood clients with limited access because they can squeeze through gaps as little as 700 millimetres.

Discounts For Marchwood Long-Term Digger Rental

If you rent one of our diggers for a week or more, you get significant savings off the daily rate. In the business, Macs Digger Hire Hampshire is renowned for providing some of the most competitive quotes for high-end digger rentals.

Free For The Day If Not Delivered Within Our One Hour Delivery Window

We are aware that a construction site must function efficiently in order to generate revenue; time is an important consideration when clients pay a fee for the service. If we do not arrive at the scheduled drop-off time, the digger is free for the day. Our staff allots one hour for the delivery of your digger.

Diggers Of The Present With Support Services

Our excavators all come with a guarantee that is renewed every time it expires. When an issue does arise, our engineers make every attempt to rectify it or arrange a replacement within one working day.

Why Customers Choose Our Affordable Mini Excavators for Hire in Marchwood

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Any project that a Marchwood customer needs completed, whether it be residential or commercial, is perfect for our mini diggers. Mini excavators have a wide range of applications. One of our tiny diggers is frequently used for tasks like wall building, driveway construction, removing tree roots, shuttering, soakaways, land drains, ponds, pools, and concrete bases. A riding arena, a general patio, a landscape, a water main, a gas main, a driveway, a patio, footings, drainage, and a landscape are all included. We offer mini diggers built by Kubota, Bobcat, Caterpillar, and JCB for sale.

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The Importance Of Prompt Service When It Comes To Mini Digger Hire In Marchwood Cannot Be Overstated

We guarantee that your mini-digger will arrive in time for you to complete the job. Due to our prior experience working in the construction industry, we are aware of how crucial timeliness is to the development of your company. We provide a money-back guarantee for the designated day if the mini digger is not delivered on the designated day and hour. The least we can do is offer the client a credit for one day's worth of usage if our errors cause them to suffer financial loss.

Discounts For Long-Term Marchwood Mini Digger Rentals

Our residential and business clients occasionally need to rent mini diggers. If this is your situation, you might want to contact our sales department to find out the current rental rates for our Marchwood small diggers.

discount mini digger hire Marchwood

Digger Types Offered Throughout Marchwood

There are several different types of diggers available for Macs Digger Hire Marchwood. Among the various types of diggers we provide are skid steers and mini diggers.


When needed, mini diggers have amazing force and are very capable. Every piece of equipment we design for our clients offers the highest levels of precision and comfort available today. With the aid of this small device, productivity can be significantly boosted.

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Which Mini Digger Brand Do We Rent Out To Our Marchwood Customers?

Every piece of equipment in our fleet was produced after 2021, and we provide a range of digger brands, including bobcat, jcb, caterpillar, hitachi, kubota, and others. To make sure we have support from our manufacturers, we often change our dozers. The dozers in our fleet receive the greatest level of maintenance from us.

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What Happens If Your Mini Digger Breaks Down On Your Marchwood Construction Site?

Although significant issues with mini-diggers are unlikely to arise until after 2021, it would be naïve to think that nothing could ever go wrong. We make every attempt to transport a new mini-digger to your location within one business day if the maker is unable to perform repairs on-site.

Popular Marchwood Rentals

0.8 Tonne Micro Digger

0.8 Tonne Micro Digger - Bobcat E10

Ground upkeep, demolition, and landscaping are some of the jobs that the E10 0.8T excavator is capable of. The driver's comfort while driving is enhanced by the decreased noise and vibration levels.

1.5 Tonne Mini Digger

1.5 Tonne Mini Digger - Bobcat E17

The Bobcat E17 1.5 tonne mini excavator requires little to no adjustment and performs well in confined locations. The undercarriage may be hydraulically expanded to a width of 136 cm for a larger footprint and better performance, or hydraulically shrunk to a width of 98 cm to fit through gates and between walls and homes. On small task sites, the E17's reduced tail swing boosts its versatility and manoeuvrability.

3 Tonne Mini Digger

3 Tonne Mini Digger - Bobcat E27

The contemporary Bobcat conventional tail swing E27 3 tonne model provides a first-in-class combination of outstanding stability, leading-edge digging performance, and breakout forces, as well as a transport weight that is still within the weight restrictions for compatible trailers.

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Marchwood is a village and civil parish located in Hampshire, England, United Kingdom. It lies between Totton and Hythe on the western shore of Southampton Water and directly east of the New Forest. The population of the village in the 2011 census was 6,141.

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